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SuiteCRM:OnDemand is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application that you access from your browser. It is hosted securely in completely open source, state-of-the-art data centres, near to you, around the globe.

SuiteCRM:OnDemand delivers all the core functionality that you'd expect from major CRM applications such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics. But there's one key and critical difference: When you start using SuiteCRM:OnDemand, you own the software, you own the database, we look after it. If at any time you need to migrate you can take a complete copy of the database and the software. There's no lock-in and no catch, it's honest, it's open source.

SuiteCRM:OnDemand delivers a comprehensive suite of tools, complete with industry-leading customisation options designed to support the most demanding sales processes. Increased productivity, lower cost and complete ownership make SuiteCRM:OnDemand the preferred choice for discerning companies across the globe. SuiteCRM:OnDemand helps to deliver more business success for thousands of companies and is the world's leading open source CRM application.

Tailored to you

You have control over what is included in your SuiteCRM:OnDemand Service. We offer a quarterly or yearly subscription charged at our standard price.

Build your service how you want it, with our options listed below:


Choose how many users you want (minimum of 5 users)

The numbers of users is the number of active logins you will have for your SuiteCRM:OnDemand Instance

Level of Support

We offer two levels of support with our On-Demand service:

SuiteCRM Version

Choose which SuiteCRM product you want to use for your business:


Quick to deploy

Available within a couple of minutes from your credit card payment being accepted, you can access SuiteCRM:OnDemand anywhere, at any time, from any device! You have no software to install.

No lock-in

It's what makes SuiteCRM:OnDemand so different from any other CRM Software as a Service. It's your application. It's your data. You own it, we take care of it. We're merely the custodians, the guarantors of continuous high quality service. But if you want to move away from the service, simply take a copy of your database and application and go. No lock-in. Simple, honest, open source.


We know how critical your data is to you. We run our production servers with security at the forefront of our thoughts. The servers are protected by state-of-the art technologies and public/private keys which deliver the highest level of intrusion protection. We won't keep your card payment details either. We leave that with the card payment processors.

Backup & Recovery

Your data and your application is backed up every day using cloud backup technologies that deliver very quick recovery of either the entire SuiteCRM application and database or a specific file if that's what is needed. We do regular Disaster Recovery exercises to ensure that if we need to restore your data, we can do it quickly with minimum fuss.

Lower Costs

Be kind to your budgets. High quality at lower costs. SuiteCRM:OnDemand is purchased through a yearly or quarterly subscription fee that includes upgrades, support and maintenance. Our service is affordable for any business, large or small.

High Adoption

Its easy to use and consistent user interface means that SuiteCRM:OnDemand has high adoption rates with a low learning curve. SuiteCRM:OnDemand can be easily adopted by any user who needs to use CRM.

Seamless upgrades

The SuiteCRM team will inform you about new releases and upgrades to your service. You will not need to update or install any new software. You run your business, we take care of your CRM. You're in safe hands with SuiteCRM:OnDemand.

Various levels of Support

Whether you pay for either a quarterly or yearly subscription, you can access a level of support that suits your budget. With Basic Support, our community and our Support Team will answer your questions in the Community Forums. If you need more structured support, then you can purchase this at any time. Telephone, Email and Portal support are all available to customers with a Support Contract.

Access anywhere

SuiteCRM:OnDemand can be accessed anywhere globally enabling every user in your business to collaborate with colleagues no matter where they are physically located. And using the mobile client means you can do this from your phone and tablet too.