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PowerFields SuiteCRM Add-On - Technical Info

Technical Information


PowerFields is a SponsorWare add-on for SuiteCRM that provides Formulas and Calculated Fields capabilities, vastly improving your ability to pre-fill or update data, using conditions, look-ups, etc.

Check out the full Product page and Demo video.


  • SuiteCRM version 7.12.x, using the SuiteP Theme
  • PHP version - minimum 7.3
  • SuiteCRM 8.x support coming soon!

Current scope of features

  • Works with…
    • Formulas typed directly in Edit view fields.
    • Formulas type directly in fields using Inline edit.
    • default field formulas specified in Studio for new records.
    • default field formulas specified in Studio for record edits.
    • text fields
  • does not (yet) work with…
    • other field types (coming soon).
    • specifying formulas in Workflows (replacing the current basic calculated fields found there).

Ideas for Future Features

  • support more field types.
  • support for Workflows.


  • PowerFields v0.5 (Alpha) released on 13th October 2020.
    • Twig Template syntax generically available for fields in the CRM for every record type.
    • formulas can be typed (or pasted) directly in the fields, both from Edit views and Inline edits.
    • formulas can also be specified for automatic application from Studio Field definitions. Separate formulas allowed for application to new records, and for any edits.
    • the Studio formulas can use the information typed in the field during edits; this enables writing “smart replace” formulas to turn simple expressions into more elaborate texts, saving user’s time.
    • Smart context gives you access to more beans in your variables: not just the current records, but also assigned users, etc.
    • Custom Twig functions provided: related (navigate relationships no reach nearby beans), photo (provide image from bean image fields), owner (find bean from email address), recent (access the most recently visited bean from a certain module), and more.