Chapter 02

## 2. SuiteCRM Directory Structure ## ; cache : Contains cache files used by SuiteCRM including compiled smarty templates, grouped vardefs, minified and grouped JavaScript. Some modules and custom modules may also store (temporary) module specific info here. ; custom : Contains user and developer customisations to SuiteCRM. Also contains some SuiteCRM code to maintain compatibility with SugarCRM. However this is likely to change in the future. ; data : Stores the classes and files used to deal with SugarBeans and their relationships. ; examples : Contains a few basic examples of lead capture and API usage. However these are very outdated. ; include : Contains the bulk of non module and non data SuiteCRM code. ; install : Code used by the SuiteCRM installer. ; jssource : The jssource folder contains the unminified source of some of the JavaScript files used within SuiteCRM. ; metadata : Stores relationship metadata for the various stock SuiteCRM modules. This should not be confused with module metadata which contains information on view, dashlet and search definitions. ; mobile : Stores code for the [ QuickCRM] mobile app. ; ModuleInstall : Code for the module installer. ; modules : Contains the code for any stock or custom SuiteCRM modules. ; service : Code for the SuiteCRM Soap and REST APIs. ; themes : Code, data and images for the bundled SuiteCRM theme. ; upload : The upload folder contains documents that have been uploaded to SuiteCRM. The names of the files comes from the ID of the matching Document Revision/Note. upload/upgrades will also contain various upgrade files and the packages of installed modules. ; log4php, soap, XTemplate, Zend : Source code for various libraries used by SuiteCRM some of which are deprecated.