Apparently, this user likes to keep an air of mistery about himself…

More Information

I’m user pgorod on Github, and user pgr on the SuiteCRM forums.

Contact me

I’m not currently providing a contact email, but you can always mention me on Github or post in any forum post where I participated, to get my attention.

Commenting on this site

I also moderate comments here so I will see what you write in comments. I’d like to try some original commenting policies on this site, but it will be experimental and I still don’t know exactly how things will play out.

My basic idea is to try and work on this site a bit like on Stack Overflow articles, where the contents improve throughout time, becoming more accurate and complete.

I see comments as a way for readers to help me in this purpose, but I’d prefer incorporating their wisdom and corrections into the main article, and then delete the comment.

And I’d like to avoid comments unrelated to the content, or simply asking off help on a related issue… please leave that for the SuiteCRM forums.

Let’s see how this works… thanks in advance for any contributions!