SponsorWare Model


I’m user pgorod on Github, and user pgr on the SuiteCRM forums.

Me and SuiteCRM

I began tracking SugarCRM CE around 2008, and SuiteCRM ever since its inception. I worked part-time for SalesAgility as Community Leader between 2017 - 2020.

Now I’m trying to become “an employee” of the SuiteCRM Community itself, via a Sponsorship programme based not just on friendship and good-will, but on constantly delivering actual value.

What else?

Apart from being a Computer Science engineer and a developer, I am also a teacher, a sysadmin, involved a bunch non-profit projects (mostly related to education), and I am one of those people with an excessive number of interests and hobbies. Stuff I like: playing indoor football, electric guitar, ancient Greek, Kierkegaard, Cinema, Literature, politics, Media studies and Marshall McLuhan, Deep work, Audiophilia, etc.

Contact me

I’m not currently providing a contact email, but you can always mention me on Github or post in any forum post where I participated, to get my attention.

Finally, you can send me a private message on the Forums, but please think twice before doing it. It’s better to keep all questions and support requests public unless it’s really inadequate for some reason. Discussing in public is good, it builds up Community knowledge.

Commenting on this site

Comments on this site are moderated, and I might remove some after a while, when doing clean-up of things whose interest is transitory or limited.

I prefer that you start discussions regarding my work or my add-ons on the SuiteCRM Forums instead of here, because that gives me visibility while giving the Community better content.