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How are Email addresses stored?

A look at how SuiteCRM stores Email addresses in the Database. This applies to all entities that have email addresses.

Currently this post covers only the simple topic of storing Email addresses. One day I plan to expand it to include how actual Email content is stored.

The several entities that can have Email addresses

In SuiteCRM, all of these entities can have Email addresses: Contacts, Leads, Targets, Users, Accounts, and perhaps more that I’m not remembering now.

Developers call entities beans because of the way they are internally represented and handled.

Database structure

There is a table handling the relationship between people and their email addresses called email_addr_bean_rel.

In there, the columns bean_id and bean_module specify the entity that has an email address. For example, if bean_module is Users, you can use bean_id to look the user up in the users table.

Then there is a column called email_address_id which is a reference to the id column in table email_addresses.

Example Query

Here is a sample query to extract a list of Users with their Email addresses:

SELECT users.user_name,
 FROM users
      LEFT JOIN email_addr_bean_rel
             ON email_addr_bean_rel.bean_id=users.id
            AND email_addr_bean_rel.bean_module = 'Users'
            AND email_addr_bean_rel.primary_address = 1
            AND email_addr_bean_rel.deleted = 0
      LEFT JOIN email_addresses
             ON email_addresses.id = email_addr_bean_rel.email_address_id
            AND email_addresses.deleted = 0

This can easily be adapted to the other entities like Contacts, Leads, etc.

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