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The world badly needed yet another blogger, so here I am.

As I learn more about SuiteCRM, and as I get bored of repeating myself too often in the forums, I decided to put some stuff here for general reference.

I hope it will help someone. I’m sure the revenue from the ads will be very, very modest, but anyway a few cents here and there might contribute to keep me motivated to write more articles :-)

I’ll try to live up to the title “In-Depth”. That’s what I think is most missing from the world of SuiteCRM: content that gives real insight.

  • We don’t need more “there, I solved your case” forum posts, we need explanations of basic Concepts and Overviews.
  • We need stuff to help people design their data models, not just instructions on what some field in some screen does.
  • We don’t need any more generic sweeping fixes (“reset permissions on 30,000 files, it sometimes solves stuff”), we need real diagnoses and understanding of what’s really happening.

In short: I’m an engineer and a developer, not a support person. With all due respect to support persons, they would be the first to tell you they will never do their job properly unless we do ours properly first. :-)

Written on April 13, 2017, included in categories

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